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SEO Tips To Optimize Your Site

  1. content-type
  2. description
  3. keywords
  4. meta keywords
  5. Website Title
  6. Link Exchange

Content-type is important to complex search engines like Google. This tag tells the spider what type of page you are posting, which helps the search engine categorize the listing. It also shows that you are following the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines, which could be an indication of a site being "optimized". Here is the syntax used on this page:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />


The description META tag is the text that will be displayed under your title on the results page. See the OC Internet Advertising example above. There's also a lot of controversy about the number of characters you should have in this tag. I've seen sites with a paragraph in their description listed in the top results, so I don't think this tag has very much weight.

Here's the syntax:

<meta name="description" content="your keywords_here followed by a statement about your webpage data." />

The last important META tag is the keywords META tag, which recently lost a lot of points in Google's search engine algorithm. Along with being valuable to these SEO tips list, this tag is still important to many other search engines and should not be ignored. Based on my experience with this tag, you can have approximately 600 characters in this tag.

META tags hidden code read only by search engines. They resides within the HEAD section of a web page. There are actually 4 very important META tags you need to understand about them. Meta tags specifying who the author is and what the site is about really isn't important to the search engines that matter the most (i.e.: Google,yahoo). The META tags you need to be the most concerned about are:

Title Make sure your site title descript your current page data or contents. Google only displays the first 66 or so characters (with spaces), my Top 10 SEO text5 for the title would be to keep it under 66 characters and relevant to the content on the page. However, some may argue that the value of the homepage title may warrant additional search term inclusion.

Link Exchange This also very important factor of SEO. If u do link exchange with a same keyword then from that keyword your site would be come in good rank in search engines

Our experience you must be link exchange with 25+ sites
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